Disposable culture is unsustainable, and mass-produced shopping ultimately unsatisfying. We champion skilled craftsmanship and only sell pieces which are ethically sourced, using materials which meet UK safety standards and always produced in a safe and enjoyable working environment.

We understand that a stylish, individual home cannot be bought off the shelf, and firmly believe that your interior should evolve with you, as well as you fall in love with a design, or stumble across a heritage piece that you cannot live without.

By supporting masters of their craft, and hunting down the best built-to-last antiques and one-off designs, we deliver to you those statement pieces that will become talking points amongst your friends and colleagues, and a life-long love affair for you.

We are passionate about discovering bespoke, one-off antique and limited edition designs; the story and history in each piece is, for us, what makes an object into a coveted piece. We are always on the hunt for that distinctive piece that will make your nest remarkable.